Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My Heaven's At Your Feet

Sleepless nights
They bleed into days
Your energy
I just seem to waste
In your eyes
I can do no wrong
You whisper words
And they alwyas comfort me
It's like singing my favorite song

Used to caress through my hair
Kiss on my cheek
I remember it so clear
I heard your heart beat
Did I turn out to be the man
You tried to make me
And I'll never forget it
Hope you never regret it
For all that you've done for me
My heaven is at your feet

Not afraid to crack me down
When I was wrong
But when people brought me down
You made me strong
So when you feel like bowing out
The roads too long
You know just who to call
I will be there when you fall
I will hold you strong and tall

It's like telling a rainbow
That its colors are gracefull
It's like telling a rose
That it smells so sweet
It's like telling the stars
They were made to twinkle
I was made to love you
So that's what I'll always do


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